VKP - custom manufacturing, sideloading forklift track, 4 way sideloading forklift track

About us

The VKP spol. s r.o. Chrudim company was established in 1991, when natural persons with many years of experience in engineering production joined their forces. The decisive element in the company production programme is a range of sideloading trucks (sideloaders) of a variety of loading capacities. Today, VKP also manufactures and sells switchboards, crane cabs, and fabricates components for business partners in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and other European countries.

VKP has 170 employees, of these, a team of 40 are involved in designing VKP products and in organising and managing our business. Others are responsible for the operation of our factories and maintaining the high quality of our products.

The VKP company holds the ISO 9001 Certificate (SVV Praha s.r.o. certificate) and the Big Welding Certificate based on DIN 18800 issued by SLV Hannover.

VKP daughter companies are Strojírna Radim and the Strojírna Potůček.

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Strojírna Potůček, s.r.o., Tovární 123, 538 21 Slatiňany, Czech Republic
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