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Sideloading forklift track - Middle range

General information

Sideloading forklift track - Middle range

Sideloaders are ideal whenever you need to carry and handle long loads. They can mainly be used in timber processing plants, metallurgical plants and warehouses storing long products. The lifting device (mast) on the side of the truck and the perfect manoeuvrability enabled by the maximum turn of the steering wheels are features that make the truck excellent for narrow aisles when storage area needs to be used to the full. The drive unit is located underneath the rear deck. There is an unhampered access from the front to the rear deck so the driver can operate the machine and handle loads single-handedly with ease and comfort. The truck is fully in keeping with EU operating and safety regulations such as EN DIN 15 18/FEM 4001, EN 1459.


The ergonomic design of the spacious cab with large shatter-proof windows gives the driver maximum comfort and optimum working conditions due to the clear layout of controls, comfortable seat and all-around visibility, particularly to the load being handled. The height of the steering wheel and the angle of the steering column, as well as the seat and controls can all be easily adjusted to suit the needs of the driver. For optimum drive performance in cold conditions, the cab is fitted with an effective heating system that also allows rapid defrosting and de-misting of the windscreen.

Drive system

The sideloader uses a powerful Diesel Perkins engine which is located in the rear part of the chassis beneath the deck. The engine compartment is closed in for maximum noise suppression. The driver has an easy access for all routine checks and maintenance jobs.

The driving mechanism

The engine power is hydrostaticly transmitted onto the wheels. The intensity of the traction force or the drive speed are automatically regulated. By means of controls inside the cab, the driver decides on the direction of travel. Hydraulic elements used are Bosch-Rexroth.


A rigid welded frame is joined in the front by double-acting hydraulic cylinders and axles. This not only makes the wheels on both axles to stay on ground at all times but also makes it possible to tilt the carriage and the mast to assist loading.

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic tank and filter are located in the rear. The pumps are directly connected to the hydraulic unit. All manufacture's parameters are guaranteed.


The standard mast supplied is a two-part telescopic type. The clearance of the rollers may be adjusted without dismantling the lifting mechanism. The mast is shifted outwards by crossed linear hydraulic cylinders to ensure smooth movement at all times.

Other options

Other mast configurations such as triplex and free full lift for higher lifts are available upon request. A choice of accessories may be mounted onto the lifting mechanism and adjustments made to suit individual customer requirements (hydraulically adjustable forks and many more).

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