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Sideloading forklift track - Light range

General information

Sideloading forklift track - Light range

The sideloader is best suited for carrying and handling long loads, such as rolled sections, timber etc. especially in narrow aisles. Its low passing height enables the truck to drive onto the decks of trailers and into containers. The machine can be used in warehouses, tranship centres, in metallurgical and timer processing plants. The great advantage of the light range of SB M sideloaders is their width and height - they are the smallest in this category of sideloaders. Thanks to its low price and multiple use, the machine will be especially favoured by small-size companies.


The ergonomic design of the cab gives the driver optimum working conditions due to the clear layout of controls, comfortable seat and all-around visibility, particularly to the load being handled. The steering column and the seat can be easily adjusted to suit each driver. The standard machine is delivered without glass and without the door.

Drive system

The sideloader uses an ignition Kubota engine which is located in the rear part. The driver has an easy access for all routine checks and maintenance jobs by opening the rear door. The engine compartment is closed in for maximum noise suppression.

The driving mechanism

The engine power is hydrostaticly transmitted onto the wheels. The intensity of the traction force or the drive speed are automatically regulated. Hydraulic elements used are Bosch - Rexroth.


A rigid and robust frame is fitted with a steering axle in the front and axle in the rear, which is formed by a rocker arm fitted with hydraulic wheels on both ends. Hydraulic cylinders between the axles and the frame are used for tilting the carrying forks.

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic tank and filter are located in the rear. The pumps are directly connected to the hydraulic unit. All manufacture's parameters are guaranteed.


The standard mast supplied is a two-piece (duplex) type with 300mm free lift. The clearance of the rollers may be adjusted without dismantling the lifting mechanism. The mast is shifted outwards by double-acting horizontally fitted hydraulic cylinders.

Other options

According to the customer's wish it is possible, to deliver the lifting device with higher free lifting, hydraulic shifted fork and optional lifting height up to 5400mm, for extra charge.

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