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Sideloading forklift track - Machine for transporting cars

Sideloading forklift track - Machine for transporting cars

What is the machine designed for Machine ABF 30 Q is a special self-propelled machine designed for removing improperly parked cars/vans weighing up to 3000 kg.

Vehicles may be loaded onto the machine’s deck by means of a mast with forks which can be hydraulically adjusted depending on the axle base. Forks are shifted under the vehicle, lift it up and move it onto the machine’s deck (platform). When there is a need to remove vehicles parked in another row or at a right angle to the road, a hydraulic swivel arm is used to assist loading. The arm is mounted on the mast for increased reach. Combining the two methods of loading cars you can cope with the most complicated handling situations.

Technical description

Vehicle drive

The machine is driven by IVECO 8140 SRC engine, with an output of 78 kW and 2800 rpm, flexibly coupled with a hydrodynamic GRAZZIANO PST 2 gearbox. The engine meets the Euro 3 emission limits. The driving unit, seated in the rear, guarantees good driving dynamics at up to 70 km/h and 15% climbing ability.


The axles are seated in air suspension units mounted to the frame. Both axles are furnished with Wabco dual-circuit ABS braking system. The first circuit acts on the disk brake of the steering axle, the second circuit actuates the disk brake of drive axle. The parking spring brake is on the rear axle.


The cab with two tandem seats is shifted forward for better driver’s vision to the right when a van is loaded on the deck. The cab is furnished with a heating unit, windscreen wipers and defroster nozzles on the windscreen and the rear window. It may also be furnished with an air-conditioning unit.


The two-part deck for carrying cars has anti-skid plating. It is 1750 mm wide and whenever wider vehicles are to be transported its width can be hydraulically extended to 2000 mm.

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